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Drone Insurance and UAV Insurance

An unmanned aircraft makes it way over the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago to capture video for an upcoming trailer for an independent feature film; a drone equipped with a rented HD camera floats over the Grand Canyon to capture picturesque views of the sunset from thousands of feet in the air for a parks and recreation documentary special; an unpiloted aerial vehicle is used by a production company throughout their various productions in the given course of a year for any number of different scenes and topics.

Historically what used to be common place — hiring a private aircraft and a private pilot with expensive jibs and camera equipment is now being replaced by Drones, a much less expensive way to capture aerial footage. Although the use of drones is becoming very popular, the rise of drone insurance or drone liability coverage is becoming a hot topic. The drone insurance company marketplace has been volatile to say the least. Insurance Companies that offer this aerial insurance may appear and disappear within months, begging the question whether or not your drone claim is going to be covered. To further complicate the issue many drone liability providers may only offer that, just liability. Not to mention because of the new aerial marketplace the drone insurance research and actuary tables may not be as thorough as auto or home insurance companies.

When we talk about drones we are collectively referring to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, drones, Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles, and Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles. Although there could be many more names associated with drones the guidelines and talking points are identical. Its within this category that many drone insurance and UAV liability issues are becoming apparent, increasing the need for not only the consumer to be educated but also the insurance agent.

The FAA, or the Federal Aviation Administration has predicted that by 2020 there will be at least 30,000 drones in operation for business purposes specifically. To further solidify the prediction the FAA has also begun to implement drastic changes to aviation traffic control procedures to better fulfill the need of the drones once saturation starts to take hold. Because the Federal Aviation Administration has taken notice of the increase use of drones the insurance industry as a whole has also begun its research into how to best insure these unmanned aerial vehicles.

What Type of Drones Can We Insure?

We can provide you and your company with all types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Insurance Coverage (UAV). Whether you need Drone Insurance, Remote Piloted Aircraft Insurance (RPA), or even Non Owned Aerial Vehicle Coverage, we can help.

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle insurance - Abbreviated as UAV Liability or UAV Insurance Drone Insurance
  • Unpiloted aerial vehicle Insurance - Abbreviated as UAV Coverage
  • Remotely Piloted aircraft insurance - Abbreviated as RPA Liability or RPA Insurance
  • Drone Insurance for Special Events
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Insurance - Abbreviated as UAS Liability or UAS Insurance
  • Non-Owned Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Insurance - Abbreviated as NOUAV Liability or NOUAV Insurance
  • Hull and Liability Insurance for Drones - The policies that we write for Drone Insurance can include both liability and/or hull coverage. Providing a la carte options for our customers is especially beneficial when meeting budgets is required.
  • Insurance for Quad Copter Drones
  • Fixed Wing UAV Insurance - These drones are typically launched by hand by the operator and do not contain multiple rotors like others you may have seen. More often than not these UAVs are used by the military and government operations.
  • Drone Insurance for Individuals - Maybe you just purchase a UAV but are not planning to use it commercially, but still want Drone Hull Coverage and Drone Liability Coverage, we can help.
  • Police and Government Entity Drone Liability Insurance

What Types of Coverage Options Are Available?

We strive to understand your needs and to match those needs with an insurance package that fits your goals. There are so many different types of coverages available that we ask you to call our office, email us, or text us if you have any questions. Our agency wants to help place your UAV Coverage. Whether you are a business with a drone or just an individual with aspirations of flying high, please call us anytime.

Coverage Available:

  • General Liability Insurance for Drones
  • Third Party Property Damage Liability
  • Hull Coverage for Owned Drones
  • Hull Coverage for Non Owned Drones
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Liability
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance

When Do We Typically See Drone Liability Insurance Used?

Kelly Insurance Group has encountered many different scenarios where the purchasing of UAV Insurance may be needed...

  • During the Production of Movies we find Drone Coverage can be needed.
  • While renting a Drone the Equipment Rental House Insurer may require you to purchase your own insurance.
  • During the aerial photography of national parks
  • Drone Insurance may be needed while capturing cityscapes from far above the tallest buildings within a city.